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Injured in a Head-On Crash?
Tuesday Apr 7th

Head-on accidents occurring in Illinois may cause serious injuries, which require extensive medical treatment and time off work to recover. […]

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Liability in Car vs Restaurant Collisions
Friday Feb 7th

When vehicles crash into restaurants, unsuspecting diners may suffer serious injuries for which they deserve financial compensation. The Storefront Safety […]

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How Bad Are Chicago Drivers?
Wednesday Dec 11th

In its annual America’s Best Drivers report for 2019, Allstate ranked Chicago drivers among the nation’s most dangerous. According to […]

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Get Help Celebrating the Holidays After a Crash
Friday Nov 8th

A crash doesn’t’ have to put a chill on holiday celebrations. When money is tight, there are quite a few […]

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What Is Loss of Consortium?
Tuesday Oct 8th

Loss of consortium is the legal term used to describe the loss of love, intimacy, companionship, affection, care, protection and […]

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Should You Stay in Your Vehicle After a Crash?
Thursday Sep 5th

Safety experts and emergency responders are urging car accident victims to stay in their vehicles after a crash except in […]

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E-Scooters Invade Illinois: National Crash Data Released
Wednesday Jul 10th

As the number of e-scooters available for rent in Illinois rises, a recent investigation by Consumer Reports indicated the risk […]

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Are Lime Scooters Headed for Chicago?
Friday May 10th

Lime scooters may be coming to Chicago as soon as this month and bringing with them an increased risk of serious […]

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Choosing the “Best” Libertyville Car Accident Lawyer
Tuesday Apr 9th

Attorney ratings don’t provide the “best” picture of the skills and qualifications of a car accident lawyer in Illinois. Most client […]

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Lyft Express Drive Program: Who’s Liable for Damages Now?
Thursday Feb 7th

The new Lyft Express Drive Program makes it easy for drivers to rent a car and use it to pick up […]

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