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Cell Phone Use While Driving

Cell phone use while driving persists despite the fact that laws have been imposed limiting or prohibiting their use while driving. Illinois law prohibits the use of hand-held cell phones while driving in a school zone or highway construction zone. Furthermore, it prohibits reading or sending text messages and emails while driving anywhere in the state. Several cities, including Winnetka, Evanston and Chicago, prohibit the use of hand-held cell phones while driving all together.

The use of cell phones to talk or read and send messages can cause a driver to become distracted. Moreover, the use of hand-held phones doesn’t allow the driver to use both hands to control the vehicle. According to the National Highway and Transportation Safety Association, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers that use cell phones are four times more likely to get into auto accidents that result in injuries. The Lake County inattentive driving attorney Bogdan Martinovich has considerable experience representing victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those caused by cell phone use and other forms of inattentive driving.

The Lake County auto accident attorney Bogdan Martinovich focuses his practice on protecting the rights of victims of motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters. Accordingly, he is well-versed in the legal standards and theories of negligence and inattentive driving. He is also capable of communicating and negotiating with insurance companies effectively. Bogdan Martinovich will seek to reach a favorable settlement to your claim. If a favorable settlement cannot be reached, however, he will aggressively litigate your claims resulting from a motor vehicle accident caused by cell phone use.

Contact the experienced Chicago cell phone auto accident attorney Bogdan Martinovich to schedule your free consultation to discuss your rights and remedies following an auto accident caused by cell phone use.

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