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These Three Vehicle Safety Features Are Saving Lives in Illinois
Thursday Jun 7th

Seat belts, airbags and anti-lock braking systems, when properly utilized and functioning, can reduce the severity of injuries and possibility […]

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Outdated Headlights Keeping Drivers in the Dark
Monday Apr 9th

Many vehicles in Illinois are equipped with headlights that perform poorly, raising the risk of car accidents. When headlight systems […]

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Who Is Liable in Crashes Involving Rental Cars or Trucks?
Friday Dec 8th

When rental cars, pickups, and moving trucks are involved in accidents, liability for damages, injuries and fatalities can vary significantly […]

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Study Indicates 20 Percent of Trauma Deaths Preventable Through Improved Services
Wednesday Jul 13th

A new study by The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine finds that one in five trauma deaths could […]

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Multi-Vehicle Crashes a Deadly Risk for Drivers
Wednesday Jul 6th

Multi-vehicle accidents, or “pile-ups,” pose a considerable risk of injury or death to drivers on Illinois roads. These accidents can […]

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Adaptive Devices Improve Senior Driving [infographic]
Saturday Jun 25th

Senior drivers cause 16 percent more accidents than drivers aged 20-65, with much higher rates of serious injuries and death. […]

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Truck Under-Ride Accidents Increase Fatality Risks
Tuesday May 31st

A truck under-ride accident, a collision that allows a passenger vehicle to slide partially or entirely under a truck or […]

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When Bad Brakes Cause Casualties
Wednesday May 25th

Faulty brake systems are responsible for causing roughly 29% of all truck accidents nationwide. When they squeal, scream, or smoke, it […]

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SaferCar Updates April 2016 Recalls
Monday May 16th

It can take years for auto manufacturers or parts makers to discover accident-causing safety issues. Drivers who ignore recall issues […]

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Spring and Summer Means Road Construction- And More Accidents
Monday May 16th

Construction zones can be areas of great danger, and they should be navigated with care. The Illinois Department of Transportation […]

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