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Know the Symptoms of a TBI After a Slip & Fall
Tuesday Jun 11th

The sooner a traumatic brain injury is recognized and treated after a slip and fall accident occurs, the greater the […]

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What’s Causing Your Hearing Loss and What Can Be Done to Minimize the Damage?
Friday May 24th

Hazardous noise levels and ototoxic chemicals at work can cause hearing loss. Employers in Illinois are requires to protect workers […]

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Tattoos, Piercings, and the Injuries that Follow
Friday May 17th

Tattoos and piercings can cause serious injuries. As the popularity of body modification grows, the number of people who are […]

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Are Lime Scooters Headed for Chicago?
Friday May 10th

Lime scooters may be coming to Chicago as soon as this month and bringing with them an increased risk of serious […]

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Ladders: Tools of the Trade or Tragedy Waiting to Happen?
Thursday Apr 25th

Ladders may be tools of the trade for construction and maintenance workers, but they are also some of the most […]

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Uptown Psychiatric Hospital: Are Kids Facing Harm?
Thursday Apr 18th

Patients in Uptown Psychiatric Hospital may have suffered sexual assaults and other abuses. The Illinois Department of Children and Family […]

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Choosing the “Best” Libertyville Car Accident Lawyer
Tuesday Apr 9th

Attorney ratings don’t provide the “best” picture of the skills and qualifications of a car accident lawyer in Illinois. Most client […]

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Is Society Becoming Numb to the Effects of Nursing Home Neglect?
Friday Mar 22nd

The rising number of stories of elder abuse and negligent nursing care are creating emotional fatigue across the country. As more […]

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Who Is Liable for Falls at State Parks?
Friday Mar 15th

Individuals who are injured at state parks can pursue government entities for damages that are caused by unsafe conditions. When […]

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Steer Clear of the Snow Plow
Friday Mar 8th

Snow plows and other snow removal equipment cause scores of accidents each year and motorists should steer clear of these […]

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