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After 192 Injuries, the Fate of Electric Scooters in Chicago Remains Undecided
Monday Mar 9th

City officials in Chicago, Illinois, remain undecided on whether to permit electronic scooter rentals after analyzing the safety and other […]

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Are Illinois Pet Owners Doing Enough to Control Their Vicious Dogs?
Friday Jan 10th

Pet owners may not be doing enough to control vicious dogs. Despite laws in place to ensure responsible pet ownership […]

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What Is Loss of Consortium?
Tuesday Oct 8th

Loss of consortium is the legal term used to describe the loss of love, intimacy, companionship, affection, care, protection and […]

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Recent Death Highlights the Need for Grease Pit Safety
Thursday Aug 8th

A recent death highlights the need for grease pit safety in Illinois. Grease traps pose a risk of drowning and […]

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Tattoos, Piercings, and the Injuries that Follow
Friday May 17th

Tattoos and piercings can cause serious injuries. As the popularity of body modification grows, the number of people who are […]

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Uptown Psychiatric Hospital: Are Kids Facing Harm?
Thursday Apr 18th

Patients in Uptown Psychiatric Hospital may have suffered sexual assaults and other abuses. The Illinois Department of Children and Family […]

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Steer Clear of the Snow Plow
Friday Mar 8th

Snow plows and other snow removal equipment cause scores of accidents each year and motorists should steer clear of these […]

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Illinois Summer Camp Drowning: Various Levels of Negligence Involved
Thursday Feb 14th

Fault for drowning deaths can be distributed among parties whose negligence contributes to the cause of death. Fault can be shared between […]

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How to Win Your Slip and Fall Injury Case
Tuesday Jan 15th

Individuals injured in slip and fall accidents should thoroughly document their injuries and the impact they have made on their […]

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What Types of Expenses Are Common After an Accident?
Tuesday Dec 18th

Automobile accidents create significant expenses that include medical bills and lost wages. These expenses can negatively impact an individual’s finances […]

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