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Did COVID-19 Panic Shoppers Cause Your Fall?

Customers injured due to falls resulting from panic shopping may recover damages for their associated losses from the stores or, in some cases, the other shoppers responsible for causing their injuries. As the state and federal government implemented measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, people flocked to local grocers and retail stores to get supplies for their families. Panic set in for many, resulting in occurrences of stampedes and assaults, which caused shoppers to suffer serious injuries.

The Responsibility of Grocery and Retail Stores

Grocery and retail store owners must take measures to keep their properties safe for customers, which has been of importance during the coronavirus outbreak. Failing to do so may result in accidents and incidents that cause injuries for shoppers. For example, in anticipation of or upon realizing the influx of shoppers, store owners may have limited the number of customers allowed to enter the store at a time or added security or workers to direct shoppers and maintain order. Knowing about the hazards posed by panicked shoppers during the COVID-19 pandemic and failing to take appropriate measures to maintain customers’ safety could open owners up to liability.

Liability for Shopper Stampede-Related Accidents

Shoppers injured in panic shopping incidents may take legal action against the grocery or retail stores where their accidents occurred. Store owners must use reasonable care in assuring safety from hazardous conditions or hidden dangers that they believe may cause injury for their customers. Most often, this applies to situations such as cleaning up spills or replacing dimmed or burnt out light bulbs. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, however, this may include providing adequate security and other measures to ensure the safety of shoppers.

Those injured as a result of panic shopping accidents may also seek compensation from the customers who caused their injuries. Acting negligently, recklessly, or otherwise unsafely may open customers up to legal action for any resulting accidents.

Compensation for Grocery and Retail Store Accident Injuries

Customers injured in grocery and retail store accidents may recover compensation for their injury-associated losses. The damages people may receive in such claims include compensation for their current medical expenses and the costs of any necessary future medical care. Additionally, shoppers injured in panic shopping accidents may obtain compensation for their lost wages and the loss of any future earnings, as well as for their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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