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Don’t Fall for the Store’s Negligence

Slip and fall accidents that are caused by the negligence of store owners or operators may form the basis of liability in the event of injuries or deaths. These accidents may be caused by loose tiles, spills, inadequate lighting, objects left on floors, defective guardrails or handrails, and more. If the store knew about the dangerous condition or had sufficient time to have discovered it, the store may be liable if adequate warnings or repairs weren’t made. Proving liability in slip and fall accidents can require investigation, the collection of evidence and the presentation of the testimony of witnesses.

Causes of Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents may be caused by the negligence of stores, the negligence of the victims or by medical conditions. Stores owe a duty of care to maintain their premises in hazard-free conditions. Part of this duty includes the duty to warn guests of dangers about which they are aware and to take steps to fix problems that exist on their properties. They may also be liable for hazardous conditions that they reasonably should have known about. Some of the most common causes of slip and falls include slippery floors, dark stairwells, loose flooring or tiles, spills and debris or objects that are left on the floor. Proving that the store owner or operator was negligent is required to hold the store liable in an injury accident.

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

In a slip and fall claim, the injured victim will have the burden of proving the store owner’s liability. To make its determination, the court will evaluate a number of factors including whether or not the store owner’s conduct was reasonable in light of all of the circumstances. To build a strong case showing liability, it may be necessary for slip and fall attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation. Such things as store video, witness statements, cleaning and inspection schedules and photographs may be vital to proving a claim.

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