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How can car accident kits help you prove your injury case?

Assigning fault for a motor vehicle accident often requires a great deal of supporting evidence, much of which is only available immediately after a collision. Because of this, any car accident lawyer in Illinois would explain that it is beneficial to keep accident kits in vehicles. These packs are useful for collecting evidence at the scene of a crash.

What is an accident kit?

The Insurance Information Institute advises policyholders to carry accident kits in their vehicles. The organization encourages this because it will help to ensure that insurance claims will be responded to appropriately. These kits should include items such as disposable cameras, a pen and notebook, glow sticks or flares, flashlights and batteries.

These items are used to collect information that may be necessary to file an insurance claim. They are also helpful for those who want to pursue an auto accident lawsuit. Some details that these kits are used to record are the following:

  • Names, driver’s license numbers, insurance details and contact information of any drivers involved
  • Names and contact information of all vehicles’ passengers
  • License plate number, make and model of all vehicles involved
  • Names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Photos of injuries, vehicular damage and the conditions of the road
  • Information on how to obtain copies of the police report

Having all of this information on hand will make it easier to provide insurance companies with the information they need to process an accident claim. In addition, thorough documentation of a car crash is helpful when pursuing personal injury litigation, as any car accident lawyer in Illinois would attest.

Injury claims in Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Insurance, traffic accident victims may recoup the damages they suffered by filing car insurance claims and/or initiating civil lawsuits. Obtaining compensation through either route will require a determination of who was at fault for the collision. This may be cumbersome for those who did not document any details from the scene of the accident. Victims who used an accident kit, however, are often in a beneficial position. They have readily available documentation of their accidents and their resulting damages. Having easy access to this information can help these individuals shorten the amount of time it takes to receive their compensation.

Any car accident lawyer in Illinois knows that in the immediate aftermath of car accidents, writing down notes may be the last thing on victims’ minds. It is, however, important that these parties protect their interests by thoroughly documenting their damages and injuries. Keeping an accident kit in their vehicles is an excellent way for Illinois drivers to collect this information.

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