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Elevator/Escalator Accidents in Lake County

Most buildings with more than three or four stories include an elevator and/or escalator. Elevators and escalators are incredibly useful modes of transportation within the building, but they are dangerous pieces of equipment when they are not properly designed or maintained. Lake County slip and fall attorney Bogdan Martinovich has considerable experience representing victims of a variety of slip and fall accidents, including elevator/escalator accidents, stairway accidents and swimming pool accidents.

Causes of Elevator Injuries

There are a number of reasons for elevator injuries but the following are some of the most common:

  • Elevator car drops suddenly
  • Elevator car stops above or below the floor
  • Elevator doors close too quickly
  • Elevator doors fail to retract upon contact

Causes of Escalator Injuries

Common causes of escalator injuries include:

  • Escalator stops or accelerates suddenly
  • Escalator moves irregularly causing passengers to lose their balance and fall
  • Gaps between the escalator stairs and the sidewalls that are too large
  • Objects become trapped at the plate at the end of the escalator

Personal Injury and Premises Liability Claims for Elevator or Escalator Accidents

Property owners, property management companies and/or maintenance companies may be held liable for and injuries caused by an elevator or escalator accident under the principle of premises liability.  Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to use reasonable care to ensure that the elevator or escalator is in safe working condition.

Experience You Can Rely On

Personal injury lawsuits and premises liability theories involve complex legal issues and the Lake County personal injury attorney Bogdan Martinovich has significant experience representing clients injured in elevator and escalator accidents, as well as other slip and fall accidents. If you have been injured in an elevator or escalator accident, contact the Illinois elevator accident attorney Bogdan Martinovich at (847) 996-1350 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your elevator or escalator accident.