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Bogdan Martinovich, Attorney at Law, Continues to Fight for Truck Accident Victims

Truck Accident Fatalities on the Rise

Despite the research, legislation, and strategies from multiple levels of government and private organizations, injuries and fatalities from truck accidents continue to rise in the United States.

According to web site, large truck crash fatalities across the country have increased from 2010 to 2013. Specifically, there was a 9% rise in fatalities in 2010, 3% in 2011, and 4% in 2012. Counter this with the fact that overall traffic deaths for all types of vehicles actually decreased by 3% over the same period. In 2013 alone, more than 3,900 people were killed and 95,000 people injured in collisions involving large or commercial trucks.

Bogdan Martinovich, a Lake County truck accident attorney, stated, “The financial cost of truck accidents is staggering. In terms of medical bills, loss of workplace productivity, lessened quality of life, rehabilitation bills, and other related expenses, the societal costs are upwards of $836 billion. We must pursue policies and standards that will minimize this public health situation.”

One of the major reasons for this growing truck fatality crisis is related to brake and tire violations. In 2014, such violations accounted for half of the top 10 most common reasons why trucks and commercial vehicles received out of service citations. Additionally, more than one in five trucks that is inspected is removed from use because of issues that prevent it from operating safely on the roads.

Martinovich concluded, “We must emphasize the need for consumer, public health, insurance, legal, and safety groups to work together to make our roads safer for everyone. As a truck accident lawyer and a driver myself, I am well aware of the hazards that face drivers when on the road and highways. I will continue to advocate for victims to help reduce injuries, mitigate costs, and above all, save lives, both here in Lake County and across the United States.”

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