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Ditch Your Hard Hat: A New Generation of Head Protection Is On the Way
Tuesday Nov 19th

Hard hats provide a reliable defense against traumatic brain injuries, but new technology may provide even greater protection. Advances in hard […]

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Sobering Facts About Craft Brewery Hazards
Wednesday Oct 16th

Breweries pose considerable injury risks for workers. Brewery owners are required to adhere to strict safety standards to prevent workers […]

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How to Calculate Your Average Weekly Wage for Workers’ Comp
Thursday Sep 19th

Accurate average weekly wage calculations are vital when filing a workers’ compensation claim because nearly every component of an injured […]

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Changes to Exclusive Remedy Provision in Illinois Effective Now
Thursday Aug 15th

Changes to the exclusive remedy provision in Illinois give workers greater freedom when filing claims against employers for latent injuries. […]

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Why Is Chicago Handing Over Control of the Workers’ Comp Program?
Wednesday Jul 17th

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has initiated plans to hire outside firms to oversee the operations of the city’s workers’ compensation […]

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Understanding the Dangers of Working with Portland Cement
Monday Jun 17th

Prolonged or repeated exposure to portland cement through direct contact or inhalation can cause serious injuries to construction workers, limiting […]

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What’s Causing Your Hearing Loss and What Can Be Done to Minimize the Damage?
Friday May 24th

Hazardous noise levels and ototoxic chemicals at work can cause hearing loss. Employers in Illinois are requires to protect workers […]

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Ladders: Tools of the Trade or Tragedy Waiting to Happen?
Thursday Apr 25th

Ladders may be tools of the trade for construction and maintenance workers, but they are also some of the most […]

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Don’t Hold Back when Talking to Your Doctor After a Work Injury
Tuesday Jan 22nd

Candid conversations and full disclosure of symptoms to physicians are crucial following a work-related accident. Disclosing all symptoms and their impact […]

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What Is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?
Wednesday Dec 26th

Individuals who have suffered a work injury in Illinois may need to take a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to determine […]

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