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Why Nursing Homes Overmedicate Residents
Thursday Jun 20th

Overmedication in nursing homes puts patients at increased risk of injury and premature death. Unnecessary medications are often used to […]

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Is Society Becoming Numb to the Effects of Nursing Home Neglect?
Friday Mar 22nd

The rising number of stories of elder abuse and negligent nursing care are creating emotional fatigue across the country. As more […]

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Will Large Nursing Home Abuse Verdicts Curb Maltreatment?
Tuesday Feb 19th

Large verdicts in nursing home abuse suits may serve to reduce future instances of assault against elderly residents. Over the […]

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Protecting Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Trust Fund
Friday Jan 25th

Elderly nursing home residents are at considerable risk of financial abuse and family members should closely monitor trust fund accounts […]

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Abuse Often Goes Unreported in Illinois Nursing Homes
Monday Dec 10th

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Illinois nursing homes and more than 25% of cases are never reported to […]

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Should Background Checks Be Required for Nursing Home Residents?
Monday Jul 23rd

People are at risk for violent attacks and sexual assaults committed by convict residents who need skilled nursing care, and […]

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How Corporate Webs Are Harming Nursing Home Residents
Wednesday May 23rd

In Illinois, some nursing homes are owned by investors who also own other related businesses to which the homes pay […]

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When Nursing Home Violence Results in Injuries, Death
Wednesday Apr 25th

Resident-on-resident violence, which is more prevalent in dementia units, is resulting in injuries and death for some elderly people in […]

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When Nursing Homes Make Assumptions About Advanced Directives
Wednesday Mar 21st

In Illinois, nursing homes are required to respect the wishes of their residents about the end-of-life care and if they […]

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Are Nursing Homes Getting the Green Light to Abuse the Elderly?
Wednesday Feb 21st

At the end of 2017, President Trump removed many of the regulations and reduced the fines that help protect residents […]

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