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Behind the Scenes at Veteran’s Nursing Homes
Tuesday Apr 21st

Recent inspections of Veterans Affairs nursing homes revealed inadequate care for residents across 25 states. Following reports from both USA Today and The […]

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Deadly Candida Auris Fungus Invades Chicago Nursing Homes
Monday Mar 23rd

Nursing homes and health care facilities in Chicago and throughout the state have seen a wave of Candida Auris cases. […]

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Improper Evictions Are Putting Nursing Home Residents at Risk
Friday Jan 24th

Nursing homes in Illinois are improperly evicting residents, putting then at risk for serious injury, illness, or death. Often referred […]

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Uncovering the Truth: Chicago’s Worst Nursing Home
Monday Dec 23rd

Wentworth Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Chicago rates among the city’s worst for providing quality patient care. When people […]

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Before You Take Mom to a Nursing Home, Get the Facts About Abuse
Thursday Oct 24th

The rising prevalence of elder abuse and the ways elderly loved ones are abused highlight the importance of vigilance. Close monitoring […]

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Who Owns that Nursing Home, Anyway?
Thursday Aug 22nd

Nursing homes often change names and ownership to hide a shady history of abuse, neglect, and fraud. When nursing homes […]

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Defining Neglect in Illinois Nursing Homes
Wednesday Jul 24th

Nursing home neglect is failing to provide for a resident’s basic needs like proper hygiene, food, shelter, or medical care. […]

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Why Nursing Homes Overmedicate Residents
Thursday Jun 20th

Overmedication in nursing homes puts patients at increased risk of injury and premature death. Unnecessary medications are often used to […]

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Is Society Becoming Numb to the Effects of Nursing Home Neglect?
Friday Mar 22nd

The rising number of stories of elder abuse and negligent nursing care are creating emotional fatigue across the country. As more […]

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Will Large Nursing Home Abuse Verdicts Curb Maltreatment?
Tuesday Feb 19th

Large verdicts in nursing home abuse suits may serve to reduce future instances of assault against elderly residents. Over the […]

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