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Motorcycle safety includes driver awareness
Friday Jun 6th

Motorcyclists across Illinois are beginning to celebrate the beautiful weather of late spring by enjoying more frequent rides on their […]

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Illinois nursing home care grade: F
Thursday Jun 5th

Placing an elderly loved one into a nursing home can be a very difficult decision for Illinois families to make. […]

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Illinois takes on drunk drivers with ignition interlock devices
Wednesday Jun 4th

For years, researchers and lawmakers have struggled to identify the best deterrents against drunk driving. Although most states have followed […]

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Increased awareness of tractor trailers in Illinois can lower risk of truck accidents
Monday Apr 14th

Drivers of tractor trailers are bound by a strict set of regulations as to when they can and cannot operate […]

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Human hormone study for brain injuries
Sunday Apr 13th

Injuries to the brain can result in severe permanent complications. Each day in the U.S., an average of 138 people […]

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Study: Hands-free devices not risk free
Saturday Apr 12th

Distracted drivers kill more than 3,000 Americans each year and cause hundreds of thousands of injuries, according to the National […]

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Cancer misdiagnosis can be fatal for the patient
Friday Apr 11th

Misdiagnosis of severe medical conditions is more likely to occur than other medical malpractice issues such as surgical error. In […]

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New study finds designated drivers not always sober
Thursday Apr 10th

Drunk driving is a problem of great concern nationwide, with almost 8 percent of all automobile accidents reported to law […]

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