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The Most Violent Place to Work
Thursday Sep 14th

Illinois hospital workers face much higher risks of being injured in workplace violence than do other workers, making prevention an […]

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Are Truckers Being Driven to Distraction?
Friday Sep 8th

Truck drivers in Illinois spend hours driving each day, and they may be distracted by things that are both inside […]

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Preventing Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes
Monday Aug 14th

A big problem in Illinois nursing homes, financial exploitation is a form of abuse that can be prevented by families […]

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The Importance of Workplace Safety Programs for Accident Prevention
Monday Aug 7th

Working in trenches in Illinois is very dangerous, making safety programs and regulations important to protect workers. Without the proper […]

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Recognizing Temporomandibular Joint Injuries Caused by Car Accidents
Wednesday Aug 2nd

Since Illinois car accident victims may suffer injuries to their temporomandibular joints without initially realizing it, it is important for […]

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Nursing Home Abuse Facts…
Friday Jul 21st

Operators of the modern nursing home present their facilities as a loving way to provide care for the elderly and […]

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Increase in Certain Work Injuries During the Summer
Friday Jul 14th

Workers exposed to the high temperatures of summer often sustain work-related injuries and illnesses, causing a spike in workers’ compensation […]

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The Deadly Dangers of Truckers Distracted Driving
Friday Jul 7th

Truck accidents caused by distracted driving claim thousands of lives each year even though there are strict rules in place […]

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OSHA Requests Additional Delay For Crane Safety Rule
Thursday Jun 22nd

Illinois workers and businesses that require work with cranes may face yet another delay in the implementation of OSHA’s rule […]

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Recognizing the Signs of Physical Abuse
Wednesday Jun 14th

Physical abuse of elderly patients can significantly harm their health and decrease their lifespan. Elderly patients do not heal as […]

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