July 2017

Nursing Home Abuse Facts…

Operators of the modern nursing home present their facilities as a loving way to provide care for the elderly and disabled. However, the drive to maintain profits in the face of declining reimbursements results in the hiring of many lower-quality personnel. These poorly supervised minimum wage … [...]

Increase in Certain Work Injuries During the Summer

Workers exposed to the high temperatures of summer often sustain work-related injuries and illnesses, causing a spike in workers' compensation reports during this season. Employers are required to provide a safe working environment for their employees and may be held liable if they do not take … [...]

The Deadly Dangers of Truckers Distracted Driving

Truck accidents caused by distracted driving claim thousands of lives each year even though there are strict rules in place to prevent truckers from driving while distracted. In recent years there have been approximately 330,000 distracted driving accidents recorded per year. These cause more than … [...]