June 2017

OSHA Requests Additional Delay For Crane Safety Rule

Illinois workers and businesses that require work with cranes may face yet another delay in the implementation of OSHA's rule to require certification for crane operators. The agency recently proposed a delay of the rule until Nov. 10, 2018. The responses have ranged from limited approval to … [...]

Recognizing the Signs of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of elderly patients can significantly harm their health and decrease their lifespan. Elderly patients do not heal as quickly due to age and diminished immune system responses. Thus, it is crucial for family members and loved ones to recognize the signs of physical abuse and … [...]

Pedestrians Are Paying the Price for Deadly Distractions

Distractions often result in accidents that cause serious and even deadly injuries to pedestrians, and according to the Governors Highway Safety Administration, the problem is growing at an alarming rate. In 2016, crashes involving pedestrians caused approximately 6,000 deaths, which is the highest … [...]