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Spring and Summer Means Road Construction- And More Accidents

Construction zones can be areas of great danger, and they should be navigated with care. The Illinois Department of Transportation is urging drivers to stay safe in construction zones as the temperatures rise and travel season shifts in to full swing.

The Dangers of Construction Zones

Thousands of accidents take place Illinois construction zones each year and many result in death.  Most of the fatalities were not workers, rather they were motorists.

Transportation officials suggest that distracted driving is a major factor in many construction zone accidents. Lane closures, reduced speed limits, changes to traffic patterns, tight spaces and active construction are conditions that require total attention, and even the slightest distraction can lead to serious consequences.

Construction Zones and the Law

In decades past, many road construction workers were killed on the job, due to lack of construction zone regulations. These zones are now regulated, and state officials are pushing for even more safety guidelines.

The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to utilize roadway sensors to relay travel time to drivers on digital message boards. This allows drivers to choose alternate routes. Speed indicates also alert drivers to how fast they are driving.

Illinois has tightened its traffic laws in recent years to increase safety in work zones. Fines for speeding in areas zoned for construction are now well over $300. Repeat offenders face a $1,000 fine. Workers do not have to be present for a fine to be imposed and a court appearance is mandatory.

The use of phones and other hand-held electronic devices is prohibited in construction zones. Striking a worker comes with a fine of up to $10,000 along with a potential 14 years behind bars.

Staying Safe in Construction Zones

Specific regulations apply to driving in a construction zone, and questions should be directed to a Lake County auto accident lawyer .

Drivers are urged to do their part while driving in construction zones. This means paying attention to signs and barriers, along with watching out for large trucks and other vehicles that may have a difficult time maneuvering in tight quarters.

Speed limits should be strictly observed, and speed should not be increased until roadway signs indicate that it is safe to do so. Drivers should leave extra space between their vehicles and watch closely for tailgaters.

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