Sidewalks Save Lives

Sidewalks Save Lives

Whether it’s walking to school, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood, walking is something millions of Americans do every day Even though it’s a mundane and common activity, pedestrians need to stay alert for the dangers of the road lest they become the victim of an automobile-pedestrian accident.

“Just last month, an 11-year-old boy named Tyler Coomer was walking to school in his Marion neighborhood. There was no sidewalk along the busy road he was traveling and he had nowhere to go when a car driven by a teen driver plowed into him and then fled the scene,” lamented Illinois personal injury lawyer Bogie Martinovich.

Fortunately, Coomer is expected to recover. Equally as encouraging is that the accident has prompted Marion take advantage of the Safe Route to Schools Grant the state offers. This grant makes it possible to build sidewalks near schools in order to help prevent accidents such as Coomer’s from occurring. Planning is underway and it’s expected the project will be completed in March.

“Most young children live in the neighborhoods in which their school is located. This means they often walk back and forth in an area where they feel safe and comfortable. Having sidewalks and clearly marked roads helps to make that feeling a reality,” stated Illinois personal injury lawyer Bogie Martinovich.

The Centers for Disease Control’s latest report on pedestrian safety shows that in 2012 4,743 pedestrians were killed in accidents with vehicles; a further 76,000 were injured. Among these, one in five were children between the ages of 5 and 15.

Safe and easily navigable sidewalks would prevent a large number of pedestrian accidents from occurring. Several studies have shown that proper sidewalks and clearly defined intersections can reduce the risk of an automobile-pedestrian accident by nearly 33%. As such, it’s clear that these are public safety investments that effectively protect pedestrians and make Illinois’ communities a little bit safer.