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Are You a Safe Worker?

Identifying unsafe work habits and adhering to safe work practices is one-way workers can prevent themselves, and others, from becoming injured in a workplace accident. Most Illinois employers have safety policies in place to protect the health and safety of their workers, but employees are equally responsible for taking steps to avoid workplace injuries and deaths.

Workplace Safety Steps for Workers

Workers should read the safety policies that their companies have in place and discuss any issues that they see with their employers. Workers should also pay attention to their surroundings at all times when they are working. They should note hazardous areas or conditions and report them to their employers. Office workers should take advantage of ergonomic chairs and equipment, and they should use good posture at all times.

People should take breaks when they need to do so. Many injuries happen because people grow tired and make errors, and breaks can help to refresh them. Workers should always use the safety equipment that is appropriate for the jobs that they are doing, and they should not try to take shortcuts with equipment. Instead of trying to lift heavy objects unassisted, workers should use available mechanical aids or request help from others. People should never try to work when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some injuries happen because people are not sober.

What Employers Should Do

In addition to having strong safety policies in place, employers should keep open communication lines and encourage workers to report problems that they see. Employees should be encouraged to report safety issues and not to fear reprisals. When an employee is injured, employers should not retaliate against them when they file for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers should make certain that their employees have the safety equipment that they need and that they use it.

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