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Prevent Truck Accidents: Avoid the “No Zones”

Commercial trucks travel U.S. highways every day transporting goods to different locations. Although large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers serve a vital purpose to the economy, they often pose serious threats to drivers in smaller passenger cars on the road.

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Martinovich Prevent Truck Accidents

Avoid the Four “No Zones”

Large trucks create safety hazards because of blind spots that decrease the visibility of other drivers. For drivers who are injured in truck accidents on Illinois highways, a Lake County truck accident attorney can provide legal advice related to trucking accidents.

A truck driver’s visibility is far more limited than a car driver’s visibility.  Blind spots create unsafe driving conditions that often result in truck accidents and serious injuries. In Illinois, a Lake County truck accident attorney can provide assistance with highway safety laws and personal injuries.

When traveling near a large truck, snow plow, tractor-trailer, or other oversized vehicle, auto drivers should avoid the four main “no-zones.”

  • Right Side – The right side of a truck contains the largest blind spot. Drivers should never pass a truck on the right side. When traveling on multi-lane highways, car drivers should avoid driving next to a large truck’s right side where the truck driver’s visibility is limited and merging is a possibility.
  • Left Side – The left side of a truck also contains a blind spot, but it’s smaller since the truck driver sits on the left side. When passing, a driver should pass the truck as quickly as possible and not ride along next to the truck for an extended time.
  • Front – When traveling in front of a large commercial truck, a driver should leave at least one car length per 10 miles per hour between the car and the truck. When traveling at 70 miles per hour, that equates to seven car lengths. Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers can not stop quickly.
  • Rear – Driving too close to the rear of a truck is extremely dangerous because visibility around the truck is limited. If the truck stops suddenly, the driver behind him could be pushed into an adjacent lane of high-speed traffic or underneath the truck causing severe injuries or death.

According to data from the National Highway Safety Administration, one in ten highway deaths occur in commercial truck crashes on U.S. highways. Illinois truck injuries require the legal advice of a Lake County truck accident attorney who knows trucking liability laws.

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