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Choosing the “Best” Libertyville Car Accident Lawyer

Attorney ratings don’t provide the “best” picture of the skills and qualifications of a car accident lawyer in Illinois. Most client and peer ratings are based on limited criteria. This creates a skewed perspective on the attorney’s ability to effectively represent clients in legal matters. Instead of relying solely on ratings and reviews, there are better ways to determine whether an attorney is the “best” attorney to handle a client’s case.

The Rating Racket

Most rating services don’t consider an attorney’s courtroom wins and appellate opinions. They do not review an attorney’s results. Few contact the State Bar Association to determine the lawyer’s history of professional conduct. Instead, most rating services rely on peer reviews and references provided by the lawyer. Essentially, the lawyer’s friends vouch for legal knowledge, skill, and abilities in the profession.

Naturally, precious few individuals provide references who might say anything negative about their skills and abilities. For clients seeking representation who rely on ratings to make their decision, they are relying on information that was bought and paid for via advertising and paid listings.

Choosing Legal Counsel

It is important to find a car accident attorney with the skills and experience to pursue a personal injury claim in Illinois. To this end, it is advisable to interview attorneys to determine how long they have practiced law, their track records, and the types of cases they handle. Asking questions about the attorney’s certifications and professional commendations is also recommended. This is a good way to determine whether the attorney has the experience and knowledge to pursue a particular type of legal claim.

Prospective clients also need to ask questions regarding the merits of their case and the strategy the attorney recommends to pursue the claim. One thing to look for is whether the attorney works with a team of professionals including legal researchers and other assistants who help gather evidence and prepare the case for court.

Reviewing any presentations at conferences, articles, books, and other publications the attorney has authored can provide insight into their knowledge and understanding of the best ways to use the law to represent the interests of their clients. Taken together, this information can help determine whether the attorney is the “best match” for the type of claim and the outcome the client desires.

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