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Spring Sets the Stage for a Surge of Injuries

Spring draws people in Illinois outdoors to enjoy the warmth, but it also brings a surge of serious injuries to hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Carelessly participating in warm weather activities like sports, swimming, driving and working in the yard without taking safety precautions can increase the chances of getting hurt. Identifying the risks of springtime activities can help people prevent accidents from happening.

Preventing Springtime Sports Injuries

Each year, more than 2.6 million children in the U.S. have to go to the emergency department because of sports-related injuries. Adults are not immune from these types of injuries and are also frequently injured when they engage in sports. People can help prevent sports-related injuries by always using the proper equipment and safety gear and using it correctly. Inspecting the fields and courts where sports will be played is also helpful. People should also make certain that the adults that are supervising youth sports have training in CPR and First Aid. People who swim should avoid running on pool decks and choose locations that have lifeguards or adult supervision at all times.

Preventing Springtime Lawn Accidents

Many people suffer serious injuries while they are working on the lawn and garden in the spring. Mowers, trimmers, weedeaters, and tools pose safety hazards. Some people also suffer burns when they are burning leaves or brush and the fires get out of control. Serious injuries are also caused when people fall from ladders while trimming trees or working on their roofs. Lawn injuries can be avoided by wearing proper eye and ear protection. People should also protect their bodies from flying debris by wearing protective clothing. When burning brush, people should check for fire hazard warnings and avoid burning on days that are windy.

Preventing Driving Accidents

Driving accident injuries are problematic year-round but increased traveling as people head out on family trips or recreational events in the spring raises the risk. People who are out on the roads should follow the traffic laws and avoid texting or drinking while they drive. They should always wear safety belts and watch out for other drivers dangerous behaviors to help prevent accidents. People can emerge unscathed from the spring by using caution.

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