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Inadequate Training in Nursing Homes Leads to Abuse/Neglect

When nursing home staff in Illinois are not properly trained, there may be a greater incidence of abuse and neglect. Inadequate training may lead to more abuse and neglect for several reasons. Staff may not have the proper coping mechanisms to deal with frustration and take it out of the residents. They may also fail to notice signs that abuse or neglect is occurring. Staff who are not trained may not understand the expectations for care that they have, and a lack of training may lead to a negative culture within nursing homes. Strong training programs may help to prevent abuse and neglect and help staff discover it much earlier when it has occurred.

How Training Can Help Prevent Abuse and Neglect

Strong training programs can prevent neglect and abuse in several ways. When the staff members are required to attend annual abuse and neglect training on at least an annual basis, the nursing home culture may become more positive. Reviewing abuse and neglect policies and procedures and learning how to spot the signs that abuse or neglect is occurring may help staff to become more vigilant. Learning what constitutes reasonable care for nursing home residents is also important. Staff who learn and understand the care expectations that they have may be less likely to neglect patients.

Staff should also receive training on how to handle their frustrations and stress. Some people who do not have good coping mechanisms may take out their frustrations on the residents. Nursing homes may want to set aside a portion of their training sessions to address the frustrations of their staff and to offer solutions so that their staff may cope more easily with the difficulties of their jobs. It is also important that staff are trained to spot the signs of abuse and neglect and that the home has a strong reporting system in place. Staff should understand that they should immediately report suspected abuse or neglect and that they will not face repercussions for doing so.

Illinois Mandates Training

Illinois mandates a minimum level of abuse and neglect training for nursing home personnel. In Illinois, nursing homes must provide training sessions for all of their staff annually, and they must also have training programs in place for new employees. If a family suspects their loved one is being abused, a nursing home abuse lawyer may help.

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