Fatal Construction Accident Emphasizes Need for Driver Education

Fatal Construction Accident Emphasizes Need for Driver Education

Lake County construction accident lawyer recommends drivers slow down and pay attention. The Illinois Department of Transportation has a goal of “Zero Fatalities” to make roads safer for workers and motorists.

Accidents in constructions zones can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Robert G. Schwarz was killed in late May in a construction zone when a Mack dump truck backed over him. John Wegmeyer, of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), stated that 46 motorists died in construction zones in 2015. An average of 3 road crew workers are killed each year.

Motorists Driving Through Work Zones

The motorist is more likely to be the victim if there is a crash in a construction zone. Motorists should not use a cell phone while driving through work zones. Using a handheld phone while driving is not legal anywhere in Illinois. Motorists should obey all speed limit signs and be aware of changing traffic patterns. Drivers should be alert and pay attention.

According to Bogdan Martinovich, a Lake County construction accident lawyer, “Drivers statistically face the highest risks in a work zone. Everyone should slow down and pay attention. Workers are also at risk, and if a driver hits a construction worker the driver could face a $10,000 fine and up to 14 years in jail.”

Goal of Zero Fatalities

IDOT has a new goal of “Zero Fatalities”. IDOT has identified recently implemented strategies to help meet this goal, including:

  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Education

Proposed strategies for engineering include adding rumble strips to alert drivers, examining risk factors for fatal accidents, and providing real-time information to drivers about construction events and accidents. IDOT proposes increasing stronger Work Zone legislation. Photo enforcement and other innovative speed enforcement strategies will be piloted. Education can begin with young drivers, just starting out. Seasoned drivers can benefit from public service announcements and the “My Mommy/Daddy” sign campaign.

Bodgen Martinovich, a Lake Country construction accident lawyer, said, “Safety in work zones cannot be emphasized enough. Getting everyone home safely every time is the goal. Drivers and construction zone workers can work together to reduce and hopefully eliminate accidents.”