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E-Scooters Invade Illinois: National Crash Data Released

As the number of e-scooters available for rent in Illinois rises, a recent investigation by Consumer Reports indicated the risk to the public is rising as well. The companies, including Lime and Bird, that provide these devices are profiting from putting the health and safety of residents in danger. E-scooters pose considerable health risks that include broken bones, lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries.

E-Scooters Causing Thousands of Injuries

While many riders view e-scooters as a safe and expedient form of travel, the data shows otherwise. As of 2019, more than 1,500 e-scooter injuries were recorded by hospitals and emergency treatment centers across America. However, the fact is that this is merely a fraction of the real total.

The data gathered by Consumer Reports was only collected in 47 cities where Lime or Bird operate. Many e-scooter injuries are not properly tracked and this data was collected from a limited number of locales so the true number is likely significantly higher than official records indicate. As the number of e-scooters proliferates in cities throughout the United States, the number of e-scooter injuries will continue to rise.

E-Scooter Injuries

E-Scooters can travel at upwards of 30 mph and few users operate these devices while wearing helmets and other protective gear. When a crash occurs, these users can suffer concussions and nasal fractures. They can also suffer leg and arm fractures, damaged ligaments, and deep lacerations to tissue. 

E-Scooter providers do not require users to wear helmets or pads while operating their devices. They also do not require any sort of licensure to operate these devices. Further, few cities regulate the use of these devices. As a result, many individuals are operating e-scooters with little to no training, and with precious few protections for their health and safety.

E-Scooters on Congested Streets

E-scooters such as those offered by Lime can pose a risk to everyone on the road. Pedestrians who get in the way of a fast-moving scooter can easily be bowled over and suffer serious injuries in the crash. Riders can lose control over the scooter and roll into the path of an oncoming car. Drivers can experience property damage when an out-of-control scooter plows into their car. This isn’t just conjecture; these events are happening with increasing regularity in cities throughout the country where e-scooters are popping up.      

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