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Truck Accident Deaths Soar to Alarming Levels
Friday Jan 12th

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities in accidents involving large trucks increased by 5.4 percent in 2016 […]

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Third Party Liability Could Be the Road to Recovery After a Truck Accident
Tuesday Nov 7th

Illinois residents who are victims of truck accidents may be able to hold parties other than the truck driver liable […]

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Are Truckers Being Driven to Distraction?
Friday Sep 8th

Truck drivers in Illinois spend hours driving each day, and they may be distracted by things that are both inside […]

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The Deadly Dangers of Truckers Distracted Driving
Friday Jul 7th

Truck accidents caused by distracted driving claim thousands of lives each year even though there are strict rules in place […]

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The Hidden Risks of Improper Truck Loading
Monday Mar 13th

In the United States, there are numerous laws that regulate the amount of weight a large truck can carry, how […]

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Truck Under-Ride Accidents Increase Fatality Risks
Tuesday May 31st

A truck under-ride accident, a collision that allows a passenger vehicle to slide partially or entirely under a truck or […]

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When Bad Brakes Cause Casualties
Wednesday May 25th

Faulty brake systems are responsible for causing roughly 29% of all truck accidents nationwide. When they squeal, scream, or smoke, it […]

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What makes big rigs so dangerous
Sunday Mar 20th

While all motor vehicle accidents are unnerving and potentially dangerous, few leave behind the devastation that is common with big […]

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Prevent Truck Accidents: Avoid the “No Zones”
Sunday Feb 28th

Commercial trucks travel U.S. highways every day transporting goods to different locations. Although large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers serve a […]

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Bogdan Martinovich, Attorney at Law, Continues to Fight for Truck Accident Victims
Thursday Jan 28th

Truck Accident Fatalities on the Rise Despite the research, legislation, and strategies from multiple levels of government and private organizations, […]

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