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Did COVID-19 Panic Shoppers Cause Your Fall?
Tuesday Apr 14th

Customers injured due to falls resulting from panic shopping may recover damages for their associated losses from the stores or, […]

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Who Is Liable for Sledding Injuries?
Friday Feb 14th

Depending on where the accident occurred, property owners or those who suffer sledding injuries themselves may bear financial responsibility. Sledding […]

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Is That Zip Line Safe? When Operator Negligence Leads to a Fall
Thursday Dec 12th

When operator negligence leads to zip line fall injuries or fatalities in Illinois, the individual or company that owns or […]

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Did You Suffer Spinal Cord Injuries in a Fall?
Wednesday Nov 13th

Slips and falls can cause permanent spinal cord injuries that leave victims with decreased strength, loss of sensation, and diminished […]

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How Video Surveillance Can Help You Win Your Slip & Fall Injury Case
Thursday Sep 12th

Video recordings from security cameras can help establish fault in a slip an fall injury case when an accident occurs […]

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Know the Symptoms of a TBI After a Slip & Fall
Tuesday Jun 11th

The sooner a traumatic brain injury is recognized and treated after a slip and fall accident occurs, the greater the […]

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Who Is Liable for Falls at State Parks?
Friday Mar 15th

Individuals who are injured at state parks can pursue government entities for damages that are caused by unsafe conditions. When […]

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Don’t Fall for Negligent Hospital Care
Tuesday Oct 9th

Negligent hospital care is a leading cause of slip and fall accidents among all patient demographics. It is a problem […]

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Some Common Injuries from Slips and Falls Might Surprise You
Monday Jul 9th

Slip and fall accidents commonly cause surprisingly serious injuries that can lead to permanent disabilities or death. When people fall, […]

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The Chicago Pedway: Liability Beneath the Surface
Wednesday May 9th

The Chicago Pedway provides a great way for pedestrians to get around the Loop during inclement weather, but there are […]

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