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How to keep your child safe from car accidents near school
Monday Feb 29th

According to report from the Chicago Tribune, nearly 50 percent of children who are hit by vehicles are struck near […]

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Bogdan Martinovich Offers Assistance for Victims of Drunk Drivers
Saturday Jan 30th

New regulations in Illinois make it possible for those with multiple DWI convictions to regain their licenses. Those injured by […]

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Higher Speed Limits Lead to Increased Accident Rates
Wednesday Nov 25th

‘I feel the need…the need for speed.‘ It’s a frequently recited movie line from a still popular movie that has […]

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5 of the most dangerous motorcycle accidents
Monday Jun 22nd

In Illinois, the warmer months of the year are ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts, and rising gas prices increase the incentive […]

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3 factors that play a role in fatal car accidents
Tuesday May 26th

Fatal car accidents are a common occurrence in Illinois, and the numbers are continually rising each year. According to the […]

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Does the presence of passengers heighten a teen’s risk of getting into an accident?
Tuesday Apr 14th

Car accidents injure and kill a significant number of teen drivers every year in Illinois and across the country. In […]

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Springtime hazards drivers should consider
Monday Mar 16th

With so much attention given to the numerous hazards of winter driving, an Illinois car accident attorney knows it is […]

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Suspending sleeping rule could put more drowsy truckers on the road
Saturday Feb 28th

In 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revised the truck driver regulations, further restricting the amount of time truckers […]

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How can car accident kits help you prove your injury case?
Thursday Feb 26th

Assigning fault for a motor vehicle accident often requires a great deal of supporting evidence, much of which is only […]

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Fatal accidents involving alcohol may be underreported
Tuesday Feb 24th

Drunk driving is an issue of major concern nationally, as well as in Illinois. A big part of addressing this […]

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