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Car accidents: What people should and should not say

With the number of cars on Chicago’s roads at any given moment, it is statistically likely that at some point in everyone’s life, they will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Individuals who wish to be prepared for the inevitable can learn before a car accident what they should and should not say following a crash to ensure that the effects of the crash are as minimal as possible.

Speaking to law enforcement

Individuals that keep their answers to officers’ questions short and to the point are better off than those who go into an emotional tirade about the entire experience. Answer all questions from police truthfully without offering anything extra. If an officer asks who caused the accident, truthfully say “I don’t know.” At that point, there is no way for either party or the officer to know definitively who caused the accident, even if it seems obvious at the time. What may seem apparent can be easily turned on its head as information is continually discovered, so drivers can keep their statements from being misunderstood by sticking to the facts. Drivers can also choose to remain silent, but it may lead to a heightened investigation.

Talking to witnesses and those involved in the accident

While it may be second nature for many to say they are sorry, especially if someone is injured, this can be taken as an admission of guilt. When the time comes to speak with the other party, everyone involved should refrain from accepting or assigning blame and liability. Law enforcement and the insurance companies will gather evidence and come to conclusions on their own. It’s best to leave them to it without adding to the evidence. Parties should simply exchange insurance information and part ways.

Car insurance claim and injury

If someone wants to know a party’s medical status, unless they are an emergency responder, the answer should be “I’m shaken up.” Following a traumatic experience like a car accident, the body fills with a hormone called adrenaline which gives people increased energy and lessens any pain they may be experiencing, making it very difficult for anyone to give an accurate description of their medical status. After a collision even educated medical personnel cannot tell the extent of their own injuries. Everyone should stay mum until help arrives. This is incredibly important because insurance companies may try to use simple statements from the crash site as evidence that an individual’s injuries were not severe enough to justify a claim.

The best choice many car accident victims can make is to seek the counsel of a Chicago personal injury attorney as soon as possible following a wreck. They can assist many individuals in receiving the compensation they need in order to heal and move on with their lives, even if they made some initial mistakes in what they said at the crash site.

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