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Bogdan Martinovich Offers Assistance for Victims of Drunk Drivers

New regulations in Illinois make it possible for those with multiple DWI convictions to regain their licenses. Those injured by drunk drivers need proper representation from an attorney who understands the new DUI laws.

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) January 28, 2016

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense carrying heavy penalties for those convicted. New laws went into effect in 2016 that give repeat DWI offenders the opportunity to regain limited driving privileges. Bogdan Martinovich, an Illinois car accident lawyer, offers representation for those who may be injured by drunk drivers, especially in cases where repeat offenders have regained driving privileges and caused serious bodily injury or death through car accidents.

Under the new regulations, drivers who have had their license revoked due to four DWI offenses will be able to apply for restricted licenses and required to install an ignition interlock device in order to drive. Illinois car accident lawyer Bogdan Martinovich praises the new laws, but worries that repeat offenders will work around the interlock device. “It’s a good thing that more people will be able to drive and participate in the economy,” he says. He continues, “However, these drivers have already shown a lack of judgement that resulted in losing their license in the first place.” Martinovich maintains that the new regulations are a step in the right direction, “but may result in more DUI-related car accidents and deaths on Illinois roads.”

More than 5,000 Illinois drivers have had their licenses revoked due to multiple DUI offenses. Under the new laws, each of these drivers can regain limited driving privileges after a three-year period of sobriety. While the restricted permit only allows driving for specific purposes, like getting to and from work, they still present the opportunity for those convicted of multiple offenses to get behind the wheel. For those who are injured in car accidents, especially with a drunk driver, an attorney may be necessary to secure compensation and hold responsible parties liable. Bogdan Martinovich offers free consultations for those injured in car accidents in Illinois.

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