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When OSHA Violations Lead to Injured Workers
Friday Feb 21st

Violating the safety standards of the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration may create hazards that cause serious injuries for […]

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Liability in Car vs Restaurant Collisions
Friday Feb 7th

When vehicles crash into restaurants, unsuspecting diners may suffer serious injuries for which they deserve financial compensation. The Storefront Safety […]

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Improper Evictions Are Putting Nursing Home Residents at Risk
Friday Jan 24th

Nursing homes in Illinois are improperly evicting residents, putting then at risk for serious injury, illness, or death. Often referred […]

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Top OSHA Violations that Cause Injuries
Friday Jan 17th

The top-cited Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations create hazards, which frequently lead to worker injuries. OSHA has implemented working […]

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Are Illinois Pet Owners Doing Enough to Control Their Vicious Dogs?
Friday Jan 10th

Pet owners may not be doing enough to control vicious dogs. Despite laws in place to ensure responsible pet ownership […]

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Uncovering the Truth: Chicago’s Worst Nursing Home
Monday Dec 23rd

Wentworth Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Chicago rates among the city’s worst for providing quality patient care. When people […]

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Is That Zip Line Safe? When Operator Negligence Leads to a Fall
Thursday Dec 12th

When operator negligence leads to zip line fall injuries or fatalities in Illinois, the individual or company that owns or […]

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How Bad Are Chicago Drivers?
Wednesday Dec 11th

In its annual America’s Best Drivers report for 2019, Allstate ranked Chicago drivers among the nation’s most dangerous. According to […]

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Ditch Your Hard Hat: A New Generation of Head Protection Is On the Way
Tuesday Nov 19th

Hard hats provide a reliable defense against traumatic brain injuries, but new technology may provide even greater protection. Advances in hard […]

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Did You Suffer Spinal Cord Injuries in a Fall?
Wednesday Nov 13th

Slips and falls can cause permanent spinal cord injuries that leave victims with decreased strength, loss of sensation, and diminished […]

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