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Behind the Scenes at Veteran’s Nursing Homes
Tuesday Apr 21st

Recent inspections of Veterans Affairs nursing homes revealed inadequate care for residents across 25 states. Following reports from both USA Today and The […]

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Did COVID-19 Panic Shoppers Cause Your Fall?
Tuesday Apr 14th

Customers injured due to falls resulting from panic shopping may recover damages for their associated losses from the stores or, […]

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Injured in a Head-On Crash?
Tuesday Apr 7th

Head-on accidents occurring in Illinois may cause serious injuries, which require extensive medical treatment and time off work to recover. […]

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Deadly Candida Auris Fungus Invades Chicago Nursing Homes
Monday Mar 23rd

Nursing homes and health care facilities in Chicago and throughout the state have seen a wave of Candida Auris cases. […]

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4 Common Struck-By Hazards in the Workplace
Monday Mar 16th

Four common types of hazards largely contribute to the occurrence of workplace struck-by accidents. Cited as one of the Occupational […]

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After 192 Injuries, the Fate of Electric Scooters in Chicago Remains Undecided
Monday Mar 9th

City officials in Chicago, Illinois, remain undecided on whether to permit electronic scooter rentals after analyzing the safety and other […]

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When OSHA Violations Lead to Injured Workers
Friday Feb 21st

Violating the safety standards of the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration may create hazards that cause serious injuries for […]

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Who Is Liable for Sledding Injuries?
Friday Feb 14th

Depending on where the accident occurred, property owners or those who suffer sledding injuries themselves may bear financial responsibility. Sledding […]

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Liability in Car vs Restaurant Collisions
Friday Feb 7th

When vehicles crash into restaurants, unsuspecting diners may suffer serious injuries for which they deserve financial compensation. The Storefront Safety […]

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Improper Evictions Are Putting Nursing Home Residents at Risk
Friday Jan 24th

Nursing homes in Illinois are improperly evicting residents, putting then at risk for serious injury, illness, or death. Often referred […]

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