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What Is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?
Wednesday Dec 26th

Individuals who have suffered a work injury in Illinois may need to take a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to determine […]

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What Types of Expenses Are Common After an Accident?
Tuesday Dec 18th

Automobile accidents create significant expenses that include medical bills and lost wages. These expenses can negatively impact an individual’s finances […]

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Abuse Often Goes Unreported in Illinois Nursing Homes
Monday Dec 10th

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Illinois nursing homes and more than 25% of cases are never reported to […]

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Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund: When Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers Comp
Wednesday Nov 21st

When an uninsured employer fails to pay for workers’ compensation benefits, injured workers in Illinois can apply for benefits via […]

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Asbestos Is Still Lurking in the United States
Friday Nov 16th

Asbestos products are not entirely banned in the United States and people are still at considerable risk of suffering toxic […]

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Software Glitches Responsible for a Growing Number of Auto Recalls
Friday Nov 9th

A growing number of motor vehicles are getting recalled for software glitches that may place motorists at considerable risk of […]

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When the At Fault Driver Dies
Friday Oct 26th

When an at-fault driver dies in an accident in Illinois, survivors can still recover compensation for their injuries and property […]

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When Scaffolding Gives Way
Wednesday Oct 17th

Scaffolding failure can cause serious, potentially lethal injuries. When falls from height occur, a workers’ comp lawyer can help investigate […]

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Don’t Fall for Negligent Hospital Care
Tuesday Oct 9th

Negligent hospital care is a leading cause of slip and fall accidents among all patient demographics. It is a problem […]

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Did Your Fall Accident Leave You Hanging?
Wednesday Sep 19th

Fall arrest systems, including safety straps, harnesses, and cables can cause suspension trauma, or orthostatic intolerance, if a worker remains […]

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