Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Facts…

Operators of the modern nursing home present their facilities as a loving way to provide care for the elderly and disabled. However, the drive to maintain profits in the face of declining reimbursements results in the hiring of many lower-quality personnel. These poorly supervised minimum wage … [...]

Recognizing the Signs of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of elderly patients can significantly harm their health and decrease their lifespan. Elderly patients do not heal as quickly due to age and diminished immune system responses. Thus, it is crucial for family members and loved ones to recognize the signs of physical abuse and … [...]

Unsanitary Conditions in Nursing Homes Subject Residents to Illness and Disease

Unsanitary conditions in nursing homes increase the risks of illness and disease for residents. Many residents who suffer injuries due to unsanitary conditions file lawsuits for damages with a nursing home abuse lawyer. Protective Laws Under state and federal laws, nursing homes owe a duty of care … [...]

Arbitration Diminishes the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Arbitration agreements might seems like a savvy move for nursing homes in Illinois, but some of the state's most vulnerable citizens could be paying the price. These clauses are frequently overlooked since they are often tucked inside the extensive stacks of paperwork that are presented to nursing … [...]

Developmentally Disabled Often Victims of Abuse

Developmentally disabled residents are some of the nation's most vulnerable victims to emotional, physical and sexual violence and neglect in group homes. Many don't truly understand what is actually happening to them, and they sometimes have difficulty communicating the details about these … [...]

Sexual Assault on Seniors in Nursing Homes

Sexual assault in nursing homes is a terrifying reality for a growing number of elderly nursing home residents. In recent years, more than 1,000 nursing home facilities in the United States have been cited for mishandling investigations or failing to prevent sexual assaults on people in their … [...]

The Nursing Home Care Act: Regulations to Prevent Abuse

The Nursing Home Care Act regulates nursing home and other long-term care facilities. Specifically, it defines who is protected and their rights, the facilities and entities that are subject to regulations, and the penalties that the regulated entities incur if they violate safety standards. The … [...]

Crackdown on Social Media Exploitation in Nursing Homes

After a series of ProPublica reports have documented a number of incidents in nursing homes throughout the United States that involve the exploitation of elderly residents on social media platforms, federal health regulators have announced plans to crack down on offending employees. In recent years, … [...]

Resident-to-Resident Abuse is a Growing Concern in Nursing Homes

Recent studies show that at least 20 percent of nursing home residents experience verbal or physical abuse from other residents. Illinois nursing home injuries caused by staff and other residents are a common problem seen by a Lake County nursing home abuse lawyer. Surveillance Studies The … [...]

Nanny Cams Now Allowed in Illinois Nursing Homes

A new Illinois law was designed to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect. This new act allows nursing home residents and their guardians to install “nanny cam” devices in their rooms. Residents and any roommates must consent to having this equipment installed. A legal guardian or family member may … [...]