Automobile Accidents

Study Indicates 20 Percent of Trauma Deaths Preventable Through Improved Services

A new study by The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine finds that one in five trauma deaths could have been prevented if the people had got treatment from a trauma center sooner. The same report states that trauma is the leading cause of death in the United States for people 45 … [...]

Multi-Vehicle Crashes a Deadly Risk for Drivers

Multi-vehicle accidents, or "pile-ups," pose a considerable risk of injury or death to drivers on Illinois roads. These accidents can happen on highways, city streets, or country roads. They can be caused by everything from drunk drivers to icy roads. Personal injuries and wrongful deaths are common … [...]

Adaptive Devices Improve Senior Driving

Senior drivers cause 16 percent more accidents than drivers aged 20-65, with much higher rates of serious injuries and death. Through the development of adaptive devices, manufacturers are addressing the leading causes of senior accidents. … [...]

Truck Under-Ride Accidents Increase Fatality Risks

A truck under-ride accident, a collision that allows a passenger vehicle to slide partially or entirely under a truck or trailer, increases the odds of fatality for the vehicle driver and passengers. As a Lake County truck accident attorney knows, severe damage to a car’s roof, hood, windshield, and … [...]

When Bad Brakes Cause Casualties

Faulty brake systems are responsible for causing roughly 29% of all truck accidents nationwide. When they squeal, scream, or smoke, it is the responsibility of the vehicle's owner to repair or replace the components that are malfunctioning. When this doesn't happen, it is the vehicle's operator, and … [...]

SaferCar Updates April 2016 Recalls

It can take years for auto manufacturers or parts makers to discover accident-causing safety issues. Drivers who ignore recall issues put the public safety at risk, and may transfer liability for a product defect from the manufacturer to themselves. … [...]

Spring and Summer Means Road Construction- And More Accidents

Construction zones can be areas of great danger, and they should be navigated with care. The Illinois Department of Transportation is urging drivers to stay safe in construction zones as the temperatures rise and travel season shifts in to full swing. … [...]

How to keep your child safe from car accidents near school

According to report from the Chicago Tribune, nearly 50 percent of children who are hit by vehicles are struck near a school. That same report states that in Chicago alone between the years of 2007 and 2011, an estimated 1,700 children who were between the ages of 5 and 18 were hit by vehicles … [...]

Bogdan Martinovich Offers Assistance for Victims of Drunk Drivers

New regulations in Illinois make it possible for those with multiple DWI convictions to regain their licenses. Those injured by drunk drivers need proper representation from an attorney who understands the new DUI laws. … [...]

Higher Speed Limits Lead to Increased Accident Rates

'I feel the need...the need for speed.' It's a frequently recited movie line from a still popular movie that has encouraged many motorists to push the envelope as they cruise down the highways of the country. Since the 1980's, speed limits across the country have increased to the point where today … [...]