Five Reasons A Workers’ Compensation Claim May Be Denied

a claims folder, personal injury

Employees making legitimate workers' comp claims are sometimes denied. There are many reasons why an insurance company may attempt to deny benefits. Sometimes the companies have understandable reasons for denying claims; other times the companies lack any justifiable basis for denying benefits and … [read more]

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Small Bites Can Lead to Big Injuries

barking dog, dog bite

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 4.5 million victims suffer injuries from dog bites in the United States every year. While dog attacks happen approximately every 75 seconds, some are more severe than others and about 1,000 victims require emergency medical care … [read more]

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The Hidden Risks of Improper Truck Loading

truck loading, truck accident

In the United States, there are numerous laws that regulate the amount of weight a large truck can carry, how the weight is distributed, and the way a large truck load is secured. Large trucks that are not loaded correctly or are loaded too heavily are not just in violation of federal and state … [read more]

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Keeping Your Child Safe in the Car

A sleeping baby in the car, car accident

In the U.S., car accidents are the leading cause of death for children under the age of 18. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many child fatalities caused by car accidents can be prevented with proper child safety restraints. Child Safety Restraints According to the … [read more]

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Developmentally Disabled Often Victims of Abuse

senior in wheelchair, nursing home

Developmentally disabled residents are some of the nation's most vulnerable victims to emotional, physical and sexual violence and neglect in group homes. Many don't truly understand what is actually happening to them, and they sometimes have difficulty communicating the details about these … [read more]

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Wrongful Death Suits in Illinois

thumbnail_Wrongful Death in Illinois

Wrongful death lawsuits can help family members and financial dependents receive the compensation they require following the preventable and unexpected loss of a family member. A wrongful death suit can be filed against parties whose negligent actions, manufacture or sale of defective products, or … [read more]

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The Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Disability Benefits

A social security disability form, workers comp

Each year, tens of thousands of workers are seriously injured on the job in Illinois, and while most of them qualify for workers compensation benefits, not every injury is treated equally in terms of monetary compensation. The severity of the injury and the length of time that the worker is expected … [read more]

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Labor and Employment Legislative Updates in Illinois

Shadow views of business people, worker compensation

In 2017, workers could see a variety of changes take effect that pertain to worker safety, labor and employment laws throughout Illinois and the rest of the nation.The changes could have a significant effect on employees, workplace safety, injured workers and their families, and employers in the … [read more]

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What You Should Know About Dog Bites

Image of a dog, dog bite

People are injured and killed by dogs in Illinois every year, but there are steps that people can take to minimize the risk of attacks. Some breeds are likelier to attack than are others, but all dogs have the potential to bite when they are caring for puppies, eating or sleeping. Dogs telegraph … [read more]

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Sexual Assault on Seniors in Nursing Homes

thumbnail_Nursing Home Sexual Assault

Sexual assault in nursing homes is a terrifying reality for a growing number of elderly nursing home residents. In recent years, more than 1,000 nursing home facilities in the United States have been cited for mishandling investigations or failing to prevent sexual assaults on people in their … [read more]

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