April 2017

Arbitration Diminishes the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Arbitration agreements might seems like a savvy move for nursing homes in Illinois, but some of the state's most vulnerable citizens could be paying the price. These clauses are frequently overlooked since they are often tucked inside the extensive stacks of paperwork that are presented to nursing … [...]

Can Emergency Vehicles Be Held Liable in an Accident?

In Illinois, emergency vehicles are often immune from liability in the event of an accident, so filing injury claims can be complicated. When traveling at high speeds, emergency vehicles pose significant risks for injuries to both drivers and pedestrians. Emergency Vehicle Accidents Emergency … [...]

Five Reasons A Workers’ Compensation Claim May Be Denied

Employees making legitimate workers' comp claims are sometimes denied. There are many reasons why an insurance company may attempt to deny benefits. Sometimes the companies have understandable reasons for denying claims; other times the companies lack any justifiable basis for denying benefits and … [...]