January 2016

Bogdan Martinovich Offers Assistance for Victims of Drunk Drivers

New regulations in Illinois make it possible for those with multiple DWI convictions to regain their licenses. Those injured by drunk drivers need proper representation from an attorney who understands the new DUI laws. … [...]

Bogdan Martinovich, Attorney at Law, Continues to Fight for Truck Accident Victims

Truck Accident Fatalities on the Rise Despite the research, legislation, and strategies from multiple levels of government and private organizations, injuries and fatalities from truck accidents continue to rise in the United States. According to web site SafeRoads.org, large truck crash … [...]

Despite Tougher Regulations, Distracted Drivers Still A Problem In Illinois

In 2014, Illinois enacted a tougher set of regulations for distracted drivers. The new rules banned the use of mobile devices, either to text or call, while driving. The law came after a rash of accidents involving texting and driving that cost thousands of lives across the country. (Article … [...]

Managing Dog Bite Risk Factors

Dogs may be man's best friend, but 4.5 million Americans are injured by dog bites each year, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Understanding dog bite risk factors can help reduce chances of being a dog bite victim. … [...]

Families Demand Compensation in Wrongful Death Suits

The families of two Agridyne workers who died on the job have filed wrongful death suits against the company. The suits allege that Agridyne did not provide proper safety equipment, resulting in the 2014 deaths of Dean Stone and Frank Rosebur. The families have filed suits, each seeking more than … [...]

Too Bad to be True: The Reality of Elder Abuse

  When most people think of domestic abuse, it probably brings to mind child abuse or spouse abuse. But there is another type of abuse that is very common, and that often goes unreported. This is abuse of the elderly. When this type of mistreatment is examined more closely, the extent of … [...]

Which Dogs Are More Likely to Bite?

Approximately 1,000 Americans require emergency medical treatment each day due to dog bite injuries, and an estimated 6,000 dog bite injuries require hospitalization each year. With approximately 4.7 million individuals registering dog bite claims every year, an experienced dog bite lawyer might be … [...]

When Nursing Home Employees Post Abuse Pictures on Social Media

According to research by ProPublica, a horrifying trend has invaded homes throughout the nation. Workers in nursing homes have begun posting humiliating and dehumanizing photos of senior residents on various social media networks. ProPublica has discovered at least 35 instances since 2012 where … [...]

When the Person Who Caused Your Personal Injury Dies in the Accident

In many situations, personal injury accidents not only result in the injury of the victim, but of the person who is negligent as well. In fact, sometimes the person who is at fault loses his or her life. This type of scenario is most commonly seen in motor vehicle accidents, but can occur in other … [...]

How Car Accident Reconstruction Technology can Win Your Case

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, approximately 37,000 people are killed in traffic accidents each year in the United States, and another 2.35 million are injured or disabled. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, especially if it results in a fatality or serious … [...]