November 2015

Higher Speed Limits Lead to Increased Accident Rates

'I feel the need...the need for speed.' It's a frequently recited movie line from a still popular movie that has encouraged many motorists to push the envelope as they cruise down the highways of the country. Since the 1980's, speed limits across the country have increased to the point where today … [...]

Sidewalks Save Lives

Whether it's walking to school, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood, walking is something millions of Americans do every day Even though it's a mundane and common activity, pedestrians need to stay alert for the dangers of the road lest they become the victim of an automobile-pedestrian … [...]

Trucking Firms Settle Claims from 2009 Wilmington Crash

On January 3, 2009, Eugene Hajer was driving his pick-up truck through Custer Township in Will County. As he was traveling between Wilmington and Kankakee on Illinois Route 113, he made a left turn onto a neighbor's property at precisely the same moment Alfred Criswell, Jr. attempted to pass him. … [...]

Speaking Out Against Abusive Nursing Homes

Grandma, Grandpa, even Uncle Joe, and Aunt Sue dedicated their lives to raising their families and providing the care and support their children needed growing up. So, why is it that so many of America's elderly are finding themselves the victims of neglect and outright abuse at the hands of nursing … [...]