July 2015

Wrongful deaths cost Illinois hospitals millions

Medical errors made in Illinois hospitals have created a hefty price tag for area medical facilities as well as Illinois taxpayers, a fact know by a Lake County wrongful death attorney. Mistakes made by hospital staff and other medical professionals has resulted in a substantial number of patient … [...]

Dementia patients at greater risk of abuse in nursing homes

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue that affects thousands of elderly people and their families. What is even more troubling is that a significant number of nursing home residents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, or some other form of dementia. Studies show that these vulnerable patients are more … [...]

5 hazards that can lead to a slip-and-fall

Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of injury and disability for people in Illinois and across the country. Slip-and-fall accidents result in approximately nine million visits to emergency rooms every year, according to the National Safety Council. In addition, falls are the most common … [...]