February 2015

Suspending sleeping rule could put more drowsy truckers on the road

In 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revised the truck driver regulations, further restricting the amount of time truckers could spend behind the wheel before taking a break. This legislation came after the United States experienced a significant increase in the number of large … [...]

Illinois’ 4 top industries for occupational injuries

For Illinois workers, all workplaces pose some risk of injury. However, as a Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer would be aware, some workplaces are more dangerous than others. This imbalance leads to higher rates of injuries to workers in industries featuring more hazards. The same is true of … [...]

How can car accident kits help you prove your injury case?

Assigning fault for a motor vehicle accident often requires a great deal of supporting evidence, much of which is only available immediately after a collision. Because of this, any car accident lawyer in Illinois would explain that it is beneficial to keep accident kits in vehicles. These packs are … [...]

Fatal accidents involving alcohol may be underreported

Drunk driving is an issue of major concern nationally, as well as in Illinois. A big part of addressing this problem is having an accurate understanding of its causes and impacts. Many states attempt to do this by collecting information on these topics. However, a recent study in Rutgers … [...]

5 hidden dangers of tailgating

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identifies tailgating as aggressive driving behavior. As an Illinois car accident lawyer may know, motorists who engage in the activity are putting themselves and others at risk. In fact, the NHTSA estimates that almost one-fourth of all car crashes … [...]

Avoid hitting pedestrians with these 4 rules

In late January of this year, a 20-year-old student was walking along an Illinois street when a car struck him. According to the Bloomington Pantagraph, the young man died as a result of the incident. The motorist who struck him then fled the scene. After tracking down the driver, law enforcement … [...]

Delays in medical care can cause brain damage during birth

In 2009, a woman went to an Illinois hospital to deliver her baby, who was born with brain damage. According to The Cook County Record, the woman and her husband have filed a lawsuit against the facility. In the claim, the parents allege that the medical team did not react in a timely fashion to a … [...]

Police officers at higher risk of injury on night shifts

Members of law enforcement face significant challenges while on the job. According to a study from researchers at the University of Buffalo, police officers who work the night shift have an increased chance of suffering a long-term work injury. As an Illinois workers compensation attorney may know, … [...]