December 2014

Study: Voice-activated technology in vehicles does not lower distraction

As technology advances, many motorists are simply finding more ways to become distracted on Illinois roadways. As any Illinois car accident lawyer knows, cell phones and other hand-held devices have long been some of the most distracting pieces of technology known to man, and many efforts have been … [...]

Drivers often become impaired well before they hit the legal limit

When Illinois motorists go out for an evening, most probably do not realize that they could cause a severe accident after ingesting only one or two alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, as known by an experienced car accident lawyer, Illinois residents and their neighbors continue to be injured and … [...]

Protect yourself from a slip-and-fall this winter with these 4 tips

Winter in Lake County may arguably be the most dangerous season of the year. This holds true for the workplace as well as anywhere else. An Illinois workers compensation lawyer will often see a large increase of cases dealing with workplace injuries while there is snow on the ground due to the … [...]

Is it worth it to use inferior vena cava filters?

When Illinois patients present with symptoms that indicate that they may have a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, doctors often prescribe the use of an inferior vena cava filter. The inferior vena cava is the largest vein in the human body. It is responsible for carrying deoxygenated blood … [...]

Illinois’ attorney general addressing nursing home abuse with camera bill

Illinois, like most other states in the nation, is experiencing a growing epidemic in elder abuse. Many of the most common occurrences of abuse occur in the state’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that as many as 95 percent of nursing … [...]