November 2014

Fatal Oak Lawn multi-car accident caused by 81-year-old driver

An elderly man recently caused a major pileup that led to his death, the deaths of two local nuns and injured nearly two dozen other pedestrians and motorists. The Chicago Tribune reports that the elderly driver was first seen slumped over in his pickup truck in Oak Lawn. After being confronted by a … [...]

Work zones are often scenes of car accidents

Work zones are a common site throughout Chicago and the rest of the state. A necessary nuisance, they keep the roads safe and strong to withstand the large number of vehicles that use the state’s roadways. However, many drivers fail to slow down and take precautions to avoid car accidents when they … [...]

Truck drivers continue to use cellphones despite federal ban

Large commercial trucks provide residents across Illinois with the material things they need, yet they are also an unmistakable source of danger for those all around them. When truckers fail to act responsibly and make bad choices, other motorists and pedestrians are often the ones who pay the … [...]

3 serious health conditions connected to brain injuries

Brain injuries are among some of the most complicated and least understood ailments that the human body can endure. The condition is often the result of a serious car accident or similarly devastating event where an individual receives a blow to the head. Its effects can take many individuals years … [...]