October 2014

Many patients in nursing homes are given antipsychotic drugs unnecessarily

Dementia is a major hurdle that many elderly patients in Chicago face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the condition can cause many otherwise happy individuals to become difficult patients in nursing homes. According to the Alzheimer’s Association dementia can be the result of a fall or head trauma, … [...]

Whiplash a common injury after a car accident

Lake County residents who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents may have had to endure the effects of many different injuries and related illnesses. One of the most common injuries associated with car accidents is whiplash.  This condition can range from mild to severe, and accident victims … [...]

How do you prove property owner negligence in Illinois?

When Illinois residents are injured on another person’s property, certain circumstances may allow them to seek damages for their injuries. The Premises Liability Act of 1995 was enacted to ensure that all accident victims are able to seek and receive compensation for their injuries when they were … [...]

FMCSA clearinghouse for commercial drivers could improve road safety

The driver of a big rig is facing several felonies after allegedly causing a fatal accident while on the job. KTLA5 reports that the Bay Area driver was driving on a major freeway when he crossed the yellow line and collided head-on with an oncoming sedan. The truck driver immediately fled the scene … [...]

Driving and taking selfies is not a good idea

A 32-year-old Clemmons, North Carolina driver recently died after choosing to use her smartphone while on the road. The Huffington Post reports that the woman was taking selfies and posting status updates on her social media accounts, all while driving on a busy highway. Her distractive behaviors … [...]

Over 700,000 patients suffer hospital-acquired infections

Hospital-acquired infections are one of the largest problems facing Chicago’s hospitals at any given time. Patients contract these infections, largely due to hospital negligence, while they are in the hospital being treated for an unrelated illness. Despite continual efforts by hospitals at … [...]