July 2014

Property owner liability in construction accidents

Construction workers constantly deal with some of the most uninviting, dangerous working conditions of any industry around the globe. Unsurprisingly, these conditions often result in workers receiving serious injuries on the job, including brain injury and death. To combat the costs of dealing with … [...]

Pet owners financially responsible for their animal’s actions

The trauma of an animal attack in Chicago can last far beyond the time it takes for wounds to heal. The mental, physical and emotional repercussions can be severe and difficult to overcome. Additionally, the financial effects can devastate many families as they attempt to get their injured loved one … [...]

Government funds research for alcohol detection technology in new vehicles

Drunk driving is on the rise in Illinois and across the United States. Data from 2012, the most recent available, shows that the Prairie State saw a 15 percent increase in drunk driving fatalities, and the nation saw a smaller, but still alarming, rise in alcohol-related deaths and car accidents for … [...]

Illinois’ statute of limitations in medical malpractice cases

Instances of medical malpractice occur every day in Illinois and across the United States. When the malpractice results in serious harm or premature death to patients, they or their family members may sue the individuals and institutions who are responsible for the incident in order to collect … [...]

Tips on protecting your loved one from nursing home abuse

For many reasons, some families in the Chicago area are forced to make the difficult decision to place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home. Quite often, however, these families are faced with devastation when they learn that their family member has become the victim of nursing home abuse. … [...]