June 2014

Will Illinois lawmakers approve speed camera bill?

Despite the ongoing efforts of authorities, speeding drivers pose a serious threat to other motorists in Libertyville, Illinois. In 2012, speeding contributed to over 270,000 car accidents in the state, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. More than 60,000 of those accidents … [...]

Few hospitals use surgical sponge tracking technology

Any surgical tool that is closed up inside the patient’s body after surgery is called a retained foreign object. The most common object that gets left behind are the surgical sponges. These retained sponges make up two-thirds of all objects because they absorb blood and look like tissue. Once the … [...]

Motorcycle safety includes driver awareness

Motorcyclists across Illinois are beginning to celebrate the beautiful weather of late spring by enjoying more frequent rides on their bikes. With more motorcyclists using the roads, it is essential for other motorists to do everything they can to increase their own awareness of motorcycles. This … [...]

Illinois nursing home care grade: F

Placing an elderly loved one into a nursing home can be a very difficult decision for Illinois families to make. While the benefits of nursing homes may be plentiful, elder abuse and nursing home neglect are a common concern of which families should be aware. While some nursing homes are known for … [...]

Illinois takes on drunk drivers with ignition interlock devices

For years, researchers and lawmakers have struggled to identify the best deterrents against drunk driving. Although most states have followed a prevailing trend that includes assigned stiffer penalties and fines, others have found the most promise within educationally-based rehabilitation programs. … [...]